M. R. CLARK AUCTION & APPRAISAL L.T.D. is a full service company committed to delivering the highest quality service and professionalism to our clients. As a member in good standing with the Missouri Professional Auctioneers Association, the National Auctioneers Association, and the Certified Appraisers Guild of America, Michael Clark offers the integrity and knowledge necessary to help our clients meet their needs on a cost effective fair and timely basis.
E-Bay Auction Listings

E-Bay Auctions through the use of Internet marketing are becoming increasingly popular due to the tremendous exposure to auction minded individuals and collectors that the E-Bay Web site offers. At M. R. Clark Auction and Appraisal, we can evaluate key items from your estate for their salability on the Internet. We are equipped to handle all aspects of the Internet auction including state of the art digital photography, posting of your items on the Web, the provision of accurate listing descriptions, collection of payment and shipping to the buyer.

Our success has been well documented by our steadily increasing positive feedback section from satisfied auction buyers. We welcome the opportunity to discuss E-Bay Auctions with you in greater detail by calling our office at (636) 390-2220.

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