M. R. CLARK AUCTION & APPRAISAL L.T.D. is a full service company committed to delivering the highest quality service and professionalism to our clients. As a member in good standing with the Missouri Professional Auctioneers Association, the National Auctioneers Association, and the Certified Appraisers Guild of America, Michael Clark offers the integrity and knowledge necessary to help our clients meet their needs on a cost effective fair and timely basis.

Auction Fees

We feel that an honest commission is the fairest way to charge for selling items or real estate at auction. This commission is usually based on both the quantity and quality of items or real estate consigned. Most personal property auctions are conducted on a no money upfront basis. The advertising, labor, and any other expenses will be settled for after the auction and paid directly from the sales proceeds. To ensure the aggressive marketing that real estate at auction demands, we ask that our clients provide advertising dollars in advance. This cost can be offset by charging a buyers premium for the privilege of purchasing the property at auction. Our goal is to provide a cost effective "client friendly" service dedicated to getting the highest dollar value for your real estate and personal property.

Appraisal Fees

A verified appraiser normally charges for service by the hour, or a specified amount agreed to by the client and the appraiser, based on the amount of time involved. Keep in mind that various amounts of time will be spent on market research, valuation , and appraisal document writing. Extensive additional research due to a unique item, court testimony, outside consultants, or travel time may, in some cases, result in additional fees. We feel that the most reliable appraisal is an opinion based on knowledge gained through education and special training, backed up by technical research abilities.

Fundraising for Events

We welcome the opportunity to assist with benefit auctions. Let us bring a fresh and exciting new approach to your next fundraising event. Please call for availability and terms and conditions of the auction.

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