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Why Sellers and Agents Should Consider the Auction Method When Selling A Property

One of the methods once viewed as a last resort for selling property namely "The Auction Method" is now being viewed in a different light by Buyer(s), Seller(s) and listing Agents of residential, commercial and industrial property(s). Through this Marketing Method owners are given the opportunity to take advantage of today's favorable market.

The word "Auction" is one of the most recognized and stimulating words in the world today. No word equals its power to instantly produce serious cooperation and individually buyers with money in hand. This Marketing Method can be an alternative option to conventional real estate sales in our area and may be a perfect fit of your particular property. This approach makes sense because:

  • The property is spotlighted as the center of attention.
  • We can tap into new markets and generate new interest in the subject property through high frequency marketing.
  • We can eliminate burdensome carrying costs and liability for the Seller.
  • The Seller has the security of Auction with reserve if needed.
  • The Buyer knows the property is being purchased at a fair market price.
  • The Buyer realizes the Seller is fully committed to sell.
  • The Auction presents all conditions of the sale, eliminating long negotiation periods.
  • The Auction determines the time and the place the property will be sold, thus giving the seller a 30 day time frame in which to get paid.

Now Ask yourself how many "For Sale" signs you have seen lately. They have become such a common sight in our area that many people pass by without taking notice. But, chances are that if you have seen an "Auction" sign lately you remember it. It is this kind of impact that may give auctions an edge over traditional methods of selling certain properties in our area.

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